Download Operator SDK

Go to the operator-sdk repo and follow the fork guide to fork and set up a local repository.

Build the Operator SDK CLI

Build the Operator SDK CLI operator-sdk binary:

make install


See the testing and documentation guides for more information.


See the release guide for more information.

Continuous Integration (CI)

The operator-sdk repo uses Github Actions to test each pull request and build images for both master commits and release tags. You can alter these processes by modifying the appropriate Action config.

Adding new architectures

The operator-sdk project builds binaries for several os’s/architectures. If you wish to add support for a new one, please create a feature request issue before implementing support for that platform and submitting a PR.

If you’d like to implement support yourself, you can test a new architecture by enabling Actions in your repository, add a platform pair to the deploy workflow’s build and push step, and push to your main branch. Once the updated Action passes, submit a PR linking the passing Action run.