Ansible Operator Base Images

Ansible-based operators are built on top of base images built for use with the Operator-SDK.

Ansible Versions

There have been some major changes in the Ansible ecosystem, primarily the addition of collections and the removal of these libraries from Ansible core. Ansible 2.9 is the last release of the “old way”, with forward compatibility for collections. This is the version officially supported by the Operator-SDK.

Ansible 2.10 was a transition release, and it is NOT recommended for use with operators.

Ansible 2.11 is the future, and Operator-SDK will eventually provide only 2.11 images. Currently, 2.11 base images are in tech-preview. See: ansible-operator-2.11-preview.

Changing Ansible Operator Base Images

Operators are scaffolded with the latest version of the base image (using Ansible 2.9) in the first line of the operator Dockerfile.


Operator authors who want to try out 2.11 can simply replace their FROM with: FROM